Wall Panel

DQ EPS Cement Sandwich Panel



   Typical Size:

   Length: 1500 mm - 3000 mm

    Width: 610 mm

    Thickness: 50,60,75,90,100,120,150,180&200 mm

   Raw Material:

   Face panel: 4.5 mm CS board(100% Non-asbestos)

   Core material: Cement, EPS, Sand and etc.

  Panel Details


1. Lightweight: 650kg/m³, just one sixth of the brick building.

2. ECO-friendly: Energy saving, non-toxic, recommended by government.  

3. Fast installation: 5 times faster than traditional brick installation.

4. Labor cost saving: fewer workers, and build more fast.

5. Warm preservation: adjust indoor temperature at a constant range.

6. Fire proof: 4 hours against of 1000℃ high temperature.

7. Anti-seismic: earthquake resistance can reach to 8 magnitudes.

8. Long life-span: More than 70 years.

9. Water-proof and damp resistant.

10. Sound insulation and absorption.


      1. Non-load bearing wall panel for high grade house

      2. The building with higher requirement of sound proof, 

          fire-proof and damp resistance.

      3. Microclimate adjustment system and passive fire

          protection system.

      4. Building at seismic area equal to or less than 8


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